Rosalie Gutman

Rosalie Gutman is a Lawyer with Rosalie Gutman & Associates in Brighton, VIC 3186. Rosalie Gutman focuses on Conveyancing, Divorce & Separation and Domestic Violence.

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About Rosalie Gutman

Brighton Family Lawyer - Rosalie Gutman is the Principal Lawyer at Rosalie Gutman & Associates. First half hour free.

As an experienced Brighton family solicitor, Rosalie can assist you with:
- Family Law & De Facto Law (all legal issues related to family law including divorce, child issues, separation of de facto relationships and representation in the Family Court).
- Domestic Violence matters.
- Wills, Probate & Estate Disputes (including drafting Wills and power of attorney documents, probate applications and, if necessary, court documentation relating to any disputes or contesting a Will).
- Conveyancing (buying and selling your home or investment property, ensuring support throughout the process).

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