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Need a lawyer in the Hobart area? Lawyers Hobart ... where to start? When you need legal advice in Hobart, you may not know who is the best lawyer for you with the specific experience you need. It’s ok, you can find a lawyer who is right for you with LawTap.

Learn more about Hobart lawyers including the areas of law they practice, their real-time calendar for bookings and read client reviews before booking an appointment time that best suits you on LawTap.

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Whether you’re looking for a business lawyer near the centre of Hobart, a family lawyer near North Hobart or a criminal lawyer in West Hobart, you're in the best place to find and book with a local lawyer who can help you.

Hobart lawyers can help you get the best possible legal outcome by providing you with professional legal advice and services as well as representing you. This may include for property contracts to buy a home or sell a property, business agreements, resolving disputes, protecting your rights, assets and children during a divorce, and getting your wills and estate planning in order.

With the tap of a button, you can book with a lawyer in Hobart and surrounding suburbs in Tasmania.

Hobart lawyers on LawTap have different times available and can work with you via phone, Skype, meeting at the lawyer’s office or at your office, so that you can get the best legal advice possible even if you live or work outside of Hobart.

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How can a local Hobart Lawyer help me?

Having a great local Hobart lawyer on your side will help you achieve the best possible results. Your lawyer will have an extensive understanding of the local laws and processes as well as what to do practically at the Hobart Magistrates Court and Supreme Court, the Hobart City Council and with Tasmania Police. This only comes from having experience practising law in Hobart.

Your Hobart lawyer will also be up to speed with what’s going on in Hobart from MONA, to the Cascade Brewery, Cadbury Chocolate Factory and the Salamanca Market. Win-win.