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What is Family Law?

Family law includes laws and legal processes related to:

  • de facto relationships (including same sex relationships),
  • binding financial agreements (including prenuptial agreements before marriage),
  • marriage,
  • legal separation and divorce,
  • family court orders,
  • property settlement,
  • spousal maintenance,
  • custody of children,
  • child support, and
  • recovery orders for children.

Get Family Law advice from a Family Lawyer today

When you're dealing with a family law matter, such as a separation, divorce applications and arrangements for children, it can be an emotional and uncertain time. LawTap family lawyers (also known as divorce lawyers) can guide you through the family law process, providing you with top legal advice to help you achieve the best possible agreement and, if needed, legal representation in the family law court.

To make the best use of your time with your family lawyer, it is recommended that you put together important key information before your appointment including:

  • the full name of your partner (if it is a de facto relationship), wife or husband (if you are married), the relationship start and end dates,
  • whether there are any children and if so, the names and ages of those children,
  • your current employment status,
  • the employment status of your partner, wife or husband,
  • a list of assets (such as the family home, cash in the bank, cars, superannuation), and
  • a list of debts (such as a mortgage and credit cards).

Areas of Law related to Family Law

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