About LawTap

What is LawTap?

LawTap is the appointment booking management system for lawyers, attorneys and legal professionals and their law firms. We also make it easy for clients to find a lawyer and book online instantly to get legal advice anywhere, any time.

Our Story

Founded in 2015 by two lawyers frustrated by how inefficient and stressful it was researching, finding and booking with an appropriate lawyer, it all began with LawTap's founders needing legal advice themselves.

Only after a whole day of researching lawyers with the expertise they needed, asking other lawyers, friends and family for referrals and 9 phone calls (where some lawyers weren't available for weeks), were they able to book in with a lawyer who could help them the following day.

They were left wondering: If we can research and book everything from medical checkups to haircuts, restaurants and airfares with the tap of a button online, then how can we do this for lawyers and the legal industry? That's how and why LawTap came to life - to make life easier for lawyers and clients.

Our Team

LawTap is led by legal professionals who are passionate about creating a better legal experience for lawyers and clients. We have a proven track record of successfully building quality legal software products including:

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