Trust & Safety

Can every lawyer join LawTap?

Only lawyers (including attorneys in the USA and South Africa, solicitors and/or barristers in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK, Advocates in India and Advogados in Brazil) who pass our qualification process can join LawTap. Lawyers must be admitted to practice in their jurisdiction/s, be considered "in good standing" and comply with the LawTap Terms of Use.

The following legal professionals can also qualify to join LawTap:

All legal professionals must be licensed in their jurisdiction/s (where a licensing or registration scheme applies), clearly indicate their legal professional status when using LawTap, be considered "in good standing" and comply with the LawTap Terms of Use.

How does LawTap verify lawyers?

Where available, each lawyer or legal professional's LawTap Profile includes a Professional Verification section which sets out LawTap's independent verification of the legal professional. The Professional Verification section includes the legal professional's full name, status, authoritative verification source and verification date.

Can anybody review a lawyer?

Only verified clients who have actually met or spoken with a lawyer or legal professional through LawTap can provide a review. That is, unsolicited reviews from "no shows" and unverified members of the public are not permitted. This system enables reviews that are fair, trustworthy and accurate. All reviews are moderated to ensure that they comply with the LawTap Terms of Use.

Can I trust LawTap with my information?

Yes. Protecting your information is extremely important to us.


LawTap, as a 100% online/Software as a Service (SaaS) legal booking engine, is hosted from a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in the state-of-the-art AT 801/SSAE-16 certified Amazon Web Services' Sydney (Australia) data centre featuring 24/7 physical security (including CCTV and biometric access control). Amazon Web Services is also used by Airbnb,, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, NASA and Qantas.

Secure Communication

LawTap is certified as McAfee SECURE. All access to LawTap is automatically encrypted using industry-leading SSL/TLS 1.2+ encryption with Digicert Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certification.


LawTap encodes passwords and other sensitive data using the BCrypt algorithm.

Quality Assurance

LawTap is subject to a continuous independent quality assurance process to ensure that the LawTap software application is secure, reliable, maintainable, and follows standards and good practices.

Calendar Integration

LawTap securely integrates with existing calendar systems used by lawyers, including Apple iCloud, Clio, Google Calendar/G Suite, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and Microsoft 365/Office 365. LawTap does not access or store a lawyer's non-LawTap calendar appointment information, only the blocks of time that the lawyer is available to speak with or meet clients.


LawTap is a Stripe Verified Partner and processes payments using Stripe, a PCI compliant payment processor. Stripe is also used by, OpenTable, DocuSign and Xero.


LawTap maintains insurance policies, including Professional Indemnity and Cyber Liability, with AIG, the world's leading insurance organisation.

Privacy and Data Protection

Please see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

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