Why Go With LawTap vs Microsoft Bookings?

Which is better LawTap or Microsoft Bookings?

Firstly, like hundreds of Microsoft's 'non-core' software products, Microsoft Bookings is basic, generic 'one size fits most industries' approach to appointment booking and scheduling software. You might wonder how Microsoft Bookings compares to LawTap when searching for the best law firm appointment booking and scheduling software.

Reason 1
LawTap's Trusted Legal Industry Focus and Expertise

Law firms, and their attorneys, have specific requirements when it comes to initial consultations and maintaining existing client relationships. LawTap is designed by lawyers specifically for the legal industry. So, if you are looking for the best appointment booking and scheduling software for law firms (as used by 1,000+ law firms today), there is no better solution than LawTap.

Reason 2
Trust Account Compliant Appointment Payments

Only LawTap provides Trust accounting compliant Stripe Integration as a Stripe Verified Partner as well as LawPay integration.

Reason 3
Comprehensive Booking and Scheduling Channels

Features Microsoft Bookings LawTap
Schedule Appointments on behalf of Clients -
Client Self-Service Appointment Booking
Website Booking Widget Some websites only
Website Booking Button -
Email Signature Booking Button -

Reason 4
Flexible Booking and Conflict Check Workflows

Features Microsoft Bookings LawTap
Calendar Connections per User 1 calendar/user Up to 15 calendars/user
Supported Calendars Select Microsoft 365 for Business Plans only Microsoft 365 for Business plus Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Apple iCloud, Google Calendar/G Suite and more!
Appointment Types Unknown/Not Published Unlimited
Client Contact Info Verification -
Existing Client Only Appointment Types -
Pending 'Conflict Check' Appointment Types -
Meeting at Court Appointment Types -
Skype Appointment Types
Zoom Video Appointment Types -
Microsoft Teams Video Appointment Types
Powerful Client Appointment Intake Forms -
SMS/Text Appointment Reminders Limited to North America only and usage limits apply
Law Firm Dashboard -

Reason 5
Powerful Legal Practice Management System Integrations

Only LawTap integrates with the leading legal practice management systems.

Features Microsoft Bookings LawTap
Actionstep Integration -
Clio Manage Integration -
Clio Calendars Integration -
LEAP Cloud Integration -
PracticePanther Integration -
Rocket Matter Integration -
Time Matters Integration -

Reason 6
Your Law Firm's Online Presence

Features Microsoft Bookings LawTap
Verified Client Reviews -
Reviews on Google -
Professional Profile on LawTap.com -
Law Firm Profile on LawTap.com -

Reason 7
Compelling Value

LawTap's legal industry expertise and competitive pricing demonstrates why 1,000+ law firms have decided to use LawTap, the best appointment booking and scheduling software for law firms.

Features Microsoft Bookings LawTap
Unlimited Firm Manager/Support Users (No Additional Cost) -
Remote Screenshare Onboarding Available (No Additional Cost) -
Email Support Support Plan only
Live Chat Support -

Disclaimer: All Microsoft Bookings features and pricing correct as at June 2020.