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Lynsey Schumacher is a Attorney with Lynsey Schumacher in Woodsfield, OH 43793. Lynsey Schumacher focuses on Energy & Resources, Elder Law and Medicaid & Medicare.

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L. Schumacher Law, LLC is a general practice firm engaging in energy law, estate planning, real property transactions, probate administration, criminal defense, and civil litigation. In 2018, it became evident to our founder that there was a growing need for legal services services that are tailored to serving our community. As a legal business, it is easy to get consumed in the digital and technological advancements that take our industry by storm and forget what our clients need most: individualized, honest service. That is why L. Schumacher Law, LLC is determined to utilize efficient legal technology and provide honest legal services, but never forget the most important component to our business - our clients.
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