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Tana Benner is a Attorney with Benner Law in Columbia, MO 65201. Tana Benner has 9 years experience and focuses on Family Law and Divorce & Separation.

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About Tana Benner

Tana Benner is a wife and a mother. She’s also been divorced. Her own experience and more than 15 years in family law led her to found Benner Law on two main principles: that good family law is personal and solutions-focused.

Tana first came to family law as a paralegal. She interviewed her firm’s clients, answered their questions and kept them informed about their cases. In doing so, she got to know them in ways most attorneys don’t. She learned their unique needs, goals and personalities.

She saw that you can’t talk to every client the same way. Family lawyers aren’t representing bloodless corporations; they’re representing people at their most vulnerable. And you can’t effectively advocate for a person unless you know them personally. Some attorneys find that frustrating. For Tana, it’s the whole point.

As a sole practitioner, no one stands between Tana and her clients. There’s no junior lawyer taking half the cases, no staff of paralegals handling all the interviews. It’s just her. Consequently, when her clients have a question, there’s no guessing who they can or should speak to. They know exactly who to call.

Experience has also taught Tana the importance of viewing legal cases as a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

Early in her career, Tana often represented the interests of children as a court-appointed guardian ad litem in contentious divorce and child custody cases. She saw what happens when divorcing parents use the court to settle scores. Aided by a bare-knuckles legal strategy, these families were constantly in court, piling up grievances and poisoning their future relationship.

Tana’s motivation is to help her clients move past a difficult time quickly by getting to know them personally and fighting for equitable solutions that all sides can live with so they can get on with their lives in peace, not in court.
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Marcia, 23 de junio de 2018

Very personable and authentic. I was very comfortable talking with Tana and felt like she would be a great advocate for me.

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