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Mary Madeline Roberts is a Attorney and Partner with Law Office of Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq. in New York, NY 10036. Mary Madeline Roberts has 4 years experience and focuses on Bankruptcy & Debt, Business Law and Consumer & Small Claims.

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New York Attorney at Law - Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq. A graduate of a top-five law school, Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq. is NY lawyer with great experience in providing legal solutions to business and individual clients. Book your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION today.

Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq. provides legal advice and court representation in:
• Corporate and business law, including start-ups, business formations (LLCs, corporations) and buying and selling existing businesses. 
• Art and entertainment law.
• Contract law, including drafting, negotiating and reviewing all types of business contracts.
• Intellectual property protection.
• Debt disputes and debt recovery.
• Business disputes and commercial litigation.

Languages Spoken
English Spanish
Year First Admitted
2015 (4 years experience)

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Hourly Rate
$210.00 – $250.00

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November 23, 2015
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October 15, 2017
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