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Shenelle Wickramasinghe is a Lawyer with Sladen Legal in Melbourne, VIC 3008. Shenelle Wickramasinghe focuses on Body Corporate & Strata Law, Commercial Property Development and Conveyancing.

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Melbourne Property Lawyer - Shenelle Wickramasinghe is a Lawyer at Sladen Legal. As a Melbourne property solicitor, Shenelle provides commercial legal advice to help property investors, property developers, home buyers, sellers, landlords and construction companies in Melbourne and across Victoria with:
- Residential, retail, industrial and commercial property developments.
- Buying and selling residential and commercial property (also called conveyancing) and bulk land sales.
- Retail leases and commercial leases.
- Subdivisions, permits and approvals.
- Property management, owners corporation management.

She is a passionate property lawyer who works closely with her clients to achieve positive outcomes.

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