Sionea Breust

Sionea Breust is a Lawyer and Principal Solicitor with SCB Legal servicing Penrith, NSW 2750, Liverpool, NSW 2170 and Blacktown, NSW 2148. Sionea Breust has 6 years experience and focuses on Family Law, Criminal Law and Traffic Law.

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About Sionea Breust

Penrith Lawyer - Sionea Breust is the Principal Lawyer at her Penrith law firm, SCB Legal. As a Penrith and West Sydney general practice lawyer, we provide legal advice and help Penrith and Sydney residents with:
1. Criminal Law & Traffic Law
- Criminal offences, including AVOs, assault, sexual assault, theft, robbery, drugs offences, manslaughter, murder and mental health issues.
- Traffic offences, including habitual offender declaration, drink driving and serious speeding offences.

2. Family Law
- Divorce papers, property and financial settlement agreements and consent orders.
- Child support, parenting orders, property and child custody and care.

3. Wills and Deceased Estates
- Making a Will, power of attorney and appointing an enduring guardian.

4. Conveyancing
- Buying or selling a home or investment property in NSW.

5. Personal Injury & Litigation
- Personal injury compensation claims (including car accidents and medical negligence).
- Debt recovery and legal debt collection.

We represent clients at all NSW courts and tribunals, including NCAT, the Sdney Downing Centre Local Court, the Penrith Local Court, the District Court, the Supreme Court, the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court.

In 2018, of 9500 nominations, SCB Legal was named a finalist in the Local Business Awards for the Penrith District.

Ms Breust was also a Finalist Outstanding Business Person in 2018.

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Year First Admitted
2014 (6 years experience)

Verified Client Reviews for Sionea Breust

Sionea Breust has received 5 verified client reviews with an average 4.80 rating.

Nicole, 10 December 2019

Great advice

Client Service:
Average Rating: 5.00

Ben, 4 September 2019

Very helpful information and helpful advice.

Client Service:
Average Rating: 5.00

Michael, 7 May 2019

Sionea gave some good constructive advice.

Client Service:
Average Rating: 4.00

Simone, 6 September 2017

Helpful good and understanding legal advice

Client Service:
Average Rating: 5.00

Bethan, 1 February 2017

Very helpful, professional, easy to talk to.

Client Service:
Average Rating: 5.00

Fixed Cost Legal Services by Sionea Breust

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1-hour consultation
$330.00 — $440.00
Consent Orders
Drivers Licence Appeal
Depends on complexity of matter
$1,100.00 — $2,200.00
Employment Contract
Simple is $1100
Guilty Plea Hearing
Depends on disputed facts or simple sentence
$1,100.00 — $5,500.00
Letter of Demand
$110.00 — $330.00
Letters of Administration
Not Guilty Plea Hearing
Depends on complexity of matter and whether it remains in the local court or goes to the district or supreme court
$2,200.00 — $11,000.00
Power of Attorney - Couple
Simple is $330
$550.00 — $1,100.00
Power of Attorney - Single
Simple is $330
$330.00 — $880.00
Prepare Binding Financial Agreement (BFA)
Prepare Simple Divorce Application
Prepare a Simple Commercial Lease
Plus disbursements
Probate Application
Residential Conveyancing - Simple - Buyer
Plus disbursements
Residential Conveyancing - Simple - Seller
Plus disbursements
Simple Will - Couple
Simple Will - Single
Unfair Dismissal Arbitration Representation
Depends on amount of claim and work involved
$1,100.00 — $3,300.00
Unfair Dismissal Conciliation
Depends on amount of claim
$330.00 — $1,650.00
Will & POA Package - Couple
Will & POA Package - Single

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30 May 2014
Last Verified
23 May 2017
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