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Damien Conn is a Lawyer with Damien K Conn Solicitor & Barrister in Gosford, NSW 2250. Damien Conn has 7 years experience and focuses on Criminal Law, Domestic Violence and Personal Injury Law.

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Gosford Criminal Lawyer - Damien Conn is the Principal Lawyer at his Gosford law firm. As a Gosford solicitor, I provide high quality legal advice and legal representation to residents and their family members with:
- Criminal Law (including assault, theft, drugs offences, AVOs and domestic violence).
- Traffic Law (including drink driving).

I have worked in the Criminal Law Jurisdiction for over 10 years and appear in all NSW Local Courts, including the Gosford Local Court.

I joined the NSW Police force in 2002. I was admitted as a Police Prosecutor in 2005. I became a Senior Police Prosecutor with the rank of Sergeant in 2012. I became a lawyer admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2012.

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Languages Spoken
Year First Admitted
2012 (7 years experience)

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13 April 2012
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23 May 2017
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