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William Mulholland is a Lawyer and Principal with william mulholland + co lawyers in Elsternwick, VIC 3185. William Mulholland has 19 years experience and focuses on Business Law, Banking & Finance and Intellectual Property Law.

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About William Mulholland

Melbourne Commercial and IP Lawyer with over 15 years' experience - William Mulholland is the Principal Lawyer of his own law firm, william mulholland + co lawyers. As a Melbourne commercial and IP solicitor running a "NewLaw" practice (using cloud technology and a range of billing options), we offer 'fit-for-purpose' legal services to individuals, enterprise, large corporates and charitable organisations.

Our key legal areas include:
• Intellectual Property – copyright, trade marks, confidential information and the ever growing world of Privacy.
• Commercial business legal advice – all transactional work including business contracts, and terms and conditions that are compliant with the ACL (Australian Consumer Law) and PPSA (Personal Property Security Act).
• Commercial Litigation – from VCAT to the Melbourne Magistrates' Court, the County Court all the way up to the Supreme Court including defamation, breaches of privacy and other civil actions.
• Business structuring advice – including shareholders agreements and advice on choice of appropriate entities such as a partnership, joint venture or company.
• Employment advice – including independent contractor agreements and assistance with employment contracts and disputes.

Before becoming a lawyer, I had a diverse professional career from performing arts to politics, which helps me keep the law in perspective.

I am driven by outcome not process. I look forward to helping you resolve your legal issue or problem and deliver a solution that you can be satisfied with and feel you receive value for money.

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2002 (19 years experience)

Verified Client Reviews for William Mulholland

William Mulholland has received 3 verified client reviews with an average 4.83 rating.

YANKEE, 17 September 2017

We greatly appreciate all your help and support. Your dedication and commitment helped us in meeting our objectives.

Client Service:
Average Rating: 5.00

David, 27 April 2017

William was very helpful, and although we haven't proceeded at this point, we know exactly where we stand.

Client Service:
Average Rating: 4.50

Sheena, 14 October 2016

William was excellent to deal with over the phone, for our initial consultation and highly recommend him

Client Service:
Average Rating: 5.00

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$200.00 — $250.00
Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)
$500.00 — $650.00
Court Representation (Full Day)
$1,800.00 — $2,400.00
Court Representation (Half Day)
$800.00 — $1,200.00
Employment Contract
$400.00 — $600.00
IP Assignment Deed
$200.00 — $400.00
IP License Agreement
$400.00 — $800.00
Independent Contractor Agreement
$600.00 — $800.00
Independent Solicitor's Certificate & Guarantor Advice
$400.00 — $600.00
Letter of Demand
$250.00 — $300.00
Loan Agreement
$400.00 — $600.00
Power of Attorney - Couple
$600.00 — $800.00
Power of Attorney - Single
$250.00 — $450.00
Prepare a Simple Commercial Lease
$600.00 — $800.00
Privacy Policy
$500.00 — $700.00
Review a Business Contract
$600.00 — $1,000.00
Review a Simple Commercial Lease
$400.00 — $600.00
Shareholders Agreement
$800.00 — $1,200.00
Simple Will - Couple
$800.00 — $1,100.00
Simple Will - Single
$600.00 — $900.00
Trade mark search & filing in one class
$800.00 — $900.00
Unfair Dismissal Arbitration Representation
$800.00 — $1,200.00
Unfair Dismissal Conciliation
$800.00 — $1,000.00
Website Terms & Conditions
$600.00 — $900.00
Will & POA Package - Couple
$1,200.00 — $1,600.00

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