Lawyer FAQs

We've answered the questions that lawyers and attorneys frequently ask us.

I understand that LawTap is the appointment booking management system for legal professionals - but what is a booking management system?

Booking management systems (also commonly referred to as booking engines) help consumers to research and book online. Booking management systems that you are already likely familiar with include:

How can I convert potential clients to new clients with LawTap?

LawTap is designed to help lawyers convert new clients.

Your LawTap Lawyer Profile is customised with your location, areas of law and real-time availability. New clients can book in with you when you're available using the LawTap website that engages individuals and business owners at the exact time that they are seeking to engage a lawyer for legal advice.

With the LawTap Booking Button and LawTap Booking Widget, new clients can also seamlessly book directly from your own website or email signature.

You can share your LawTap Lawyer Profile Link in emails, social media and marketing materials to grow your online presence.

In Australia, our sister website and Australia's #1 Online Legal Community,, also promotes LawTap to thousands of people who are looking for a lawyer every day.

Our law firm already has a contact form on its website - Why is LawTap better?

Many law firm contact forms have a low conversion rate because unlike the LawTap Booking Button, they don't generate the instant gratification that clients expect when looking to book the right lawyer, at the right time, online.

Responsiveness is also the most important factor for potential clients when deciding to hire a lawyer (2017 Clio Legal Trends Report, 2,000 consumers surveyed).

My law firm is going well. Surely we don't need to change?

The mindset of clients towards accessing legal services is changing – its becoming less loyalty based and more efficiency and convenience driven. With LawTap, you give clients a convenient time-saving way of finding and booking with you, and you get a competitive advantage over your competitors.

My law firm prides itself on its "personal touch". How does LawTap help?

LawTap complements the personal touch your firm delivers by helping you efficiently manage client bookings so that you can focus on delivering personalised legal services to more clients, in less time, rather than back and forth administrative tasks.

What if I already have a secretary or support staff?

Does your secretary or support staff work 24/7 and without a lunch break? LawTap does.

LawTap is a seamless time saver for you, your support staff and provides real-time booking and automated reminders. Your secretary or support staff are a cost centre and some of their functions can be effectively automated. Have your support staff focus their time on assisting you with your billable work.

Can I book in clients for appointments?

Yes, the LawTap Book Clients feature enables you to easily book in your clients for future appointments, with automated email and SMS reminders included.

How do I make sure there are no double bookings?

LawTap enables you to control your calendar and choose when clients can book. It automatically integrates and syncs with your calendars (both work and personal) and only displays available times on your LawTap Lawyer Profile. So if you've booked out tennis at 6.30pm on a Tuesday, you're all set to serve without work double booking you.

LawTap also has the ability to securely integrate with practice management systems.

Can LawTap see the details of non-LawTap appointments in my calendar?

No. LawTap does not access non-LawTap calendar appointment information.

LawTap only reads whether a block of time in your connected calendar is free/available or busy/unavailable. This is so that you don't get double booked and can speak with or see clients when it suits you. Please also see LawTap Trust & Safety for further information.

What if a client cancels, reschedules or doesn't show?

Peer-reviewed research shows that online systems with reminders like LawTap actually reduce cancellations and no-shows compared to traditional methods in other professional industries.

To ensure that your calendar stays accurate and your time is optimised, if a client cancels or reschedules too many times or is a no-show, then their LawTap account will be locked.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

If you're no longer available at a particular time, you can easily reschedule or cancel via the LawTap website, email or SMS. You also have the client's information so you can contact them directly.

Can I accept bookings from existing clients only?

Yes. You can offer the convenient value-add of the LawTap booking experience to existing clients only, with the click of a button in your LawTap Account.

With existing clients, its as easy as you sending them your personalised LawTap Lawyer Profile Link that allows them to see your current availability and book in a suitable time in your calendar.

What if I'm not on top of my calendar? What if I have court?

Even if you aren't great with managing your calendar or you have to remain flexible for court dates, LawTap helps you to be in control and more productive. For example, you can control your availability so that clients can only book as far forward as three (3) days in advance and only accept appointments when you are available on specific days and times. As soon as you block out time in your calendar, LawTap syncs with your calendar so that there are no double bookings.

How does LawTap verify potential clients?

We verify clients booking through LawTap with mobile phone and email address verification.

While we have a structured verification process, like the famous New Yorker cartoon, we can't absolutely guarantee its not a dog impersonating a human!

You also control what appointment types you offer and the information you require from new clients.

How does LawTap display lawyers in search results?

LawTap search results are generated in real-time to display the most relevant lawyers to prospective new clients based on the following ranking factors:

LawTap search results are continually reviewed and optimised for relevance.

What about conflict checks?

Potential new clients provide their full name and can also include the name(s) of any other party so that you can complete a conflict check as part of your usual process before proceeding further.

What if I have overseas or interstate clients?

LawTap enables clients who are overseas or interstate in a different time zone to book appointments that match your time zone.

Many of my clients are elderly. Will they go online?

A common misconception is that older people aren't online. In fact, recent ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) data confirms that 51% of people aged 65 years and over are active internet users. LawTap also benefits clients with hearing disabilities or for whom English is a second language. LawTap provides an easier way to make appointments than over the phone.

My law firm is complex with different appointment types and times. Can LawTap can help me?

Our goal at LawTap is to provide user-friendly solutions that are tailored to each law firm's needs. LawTap's online booking system is flexible, allowing for different appointment types and times that suit you, and connects seamlessly with existing calendar and email systems.

Do I need to publish my hourly rate or fee range on LawTap?

No. Publishing your hourly rate or fee range on your LawTap Lawyer Profile is optional. That said, this information can help potential new clients better qualify themselves for your legal services and understand that costs are involved, even if you do offer a free first consultation.

What about my fees? What if a client doesn't agree to sign my costs agreement?

As with the ordinary course of a law firm, clients may choose not to retain you after they receive your fee estimate or costs agreement disclosure.

While you can set out your hourly fee range on LawTap so that clients are aware in advance and to help manage their expectations, it is up to you to manage your fees and costs agreements with new and existing clients. Being clear with clients about fees from the outset and having confirmation in writing is essential.

Obtaining an authority for you to debit a client's credit card at the beginning of matters (even small matters) can avoid potential payment issues later on.

Why the name LawTap?

Given that almost all clients (and a rapidly growing number of lawyers) now use mobile devices as their primary communication device, LawTap makes it easy for clients to "tap" and book with a lawyer.

How does LawTap make money?

Lawyers pay a subscription fee to use LawTap.

Do you have a User Manual?

Yes, please visit the LawTap Help Portal.

Do you have a Trust & Safety page I can read?

Yes, please see the LawTap Trust & Safety page. LawTap respects your online trust, safety and privacy.

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